Flynn Bridge

Home of Fhairies’s Bazaar

Shorter and more narrow than Cabern Bridge.
Fhairies Gladomain one day decided to hold a bazaar there. Ever since, everyday of every week, except Pirates’ Week, Fhairies’s Bazaar has been officially open all along the bridge.

Fhairies’s Bazaar

A multicultural tent market. Everything, from food to magical items and such, can be found at the market; everything, however, except high quality weapons. Hosted by Fhairies Gladomain and patrolled by Atara.
A veritable festival, there are acrobats, dancers, jugglers all about to draw your eye. Merchants call at prospective consumers so much that people several blocks away claim to hear it. Smells from different perfumes, spices and foods adorn the bridge market. An distracted patron can lose some of their pocket money to young people with sticky fingers. No shop-tent is ever in the same place two days in a row.

Common Faces

Fhairies Gladomain- Founder, hosts the market and runs the Dragon’s Hoard.
Atara- Patrols the Bazaar for thieves and fights.
Davnan Shortcloak- Local pickpocket, from Smalltown, messenger between Veah Hollysharp and Fhairies Gladomain.

Flynn Bridge

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